Each year millions of litres of used motor oil are improperly disposed of, which results in the contamination of lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater supplies. One litre of used oil can contaminate one million litres of water ,so recycling the motor oil from just one oil change can help protect one million litres of drinking water! In addition, the used motor oil from your engine can take on a second "life" through re-use as a fuel for burners and in power plants. This can support the conservation of natural resources and help protect our environment. At DILEX, we believe that recycling oil now will help preserve the earth for future generations. With the amount of crude oil being pumped now, one has to wonder what the earth will be like in 100 years time. Recycling can help bring down the need for crude oil to be pumped, thereby saving earth’s resources.


Collection/Receipt and processing of liquid wastes such as industrial oils including hydraulic oil, transformer oil, gear oils etc.
Collection/Receipt and treatment of Effluent Water . Manufacturing of Industrial, and Automotive Oils

Dilex has the capacity to process and properly dispose of industrial liquid wastes including effluent water.

Collection/Receipt of used industrial oils for disposal or processing can be performed per order; on a contractual basis, or in line with the clients’ requirements.

Issuing of Disposal Certificates for all disposals performed in line with the Act.

Our Unique service offering allows us to perform a one stop service for the client, from the collection of liquid wastes to disposal or resupply; maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

As authorized re-refiners/regenerators of industrial oils, Dilex receives/collects and processes the oils to back within spec for re-use by the client, drastically reducing oil spend.

Affiliations and Permits

Professional affiliations and strategic associations

ISO 9001  |  ISO 14001  |  Mangosuthu University of Technology  |  Transnet Pipelines Enterprise Supplier Development Programme
Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry  |  SEESA  |  Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority

Certificates and Permits

Scheduled trade permit in terms of section 1 of the scheduled trade & occupation bylaws of the Ethekwini  Municipality.
Discharge of Trade Effluent in terms of Section 4/1 of the Ethekwini  Municipality sewerage disposal bylaw  |  Waste storage permit
Authorization in terms of the National Environmental Management Act 1998 and Section 7 of the National Environmental Management Act of 2004
Authorized Hazardous Waste Generator  |  Authorized to perform Regeneration or Rejuvenation of Waste  |  Waste Storage Permit  |  BBB-EE Level 1



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